Justice is a white german policeman

Due to the german court ruling it is just as bad
to throw a cup of coffee to the ground
while saying „bull“ to a cop, two times,
as killing a person by burning him in a cell.

A comparison of german court judgments (2013-2014)
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What I would have wished for


[→ deutsche Version]

…that the second line on the pregnancy test would not have had appeared

…that I would not have had to go to the city again in a bus full of apathetic faces to buy two more pregnany tests in order to be really sure

…that I would not have had to hide the used pregnancy tests from my flatmates

…that a friend would not have pulled the cigarette from my mouth because I could “still change my mind“ Weiterlesen

Food fitting into the theme of October


[→ deutsche version]

So one walks down the stairs to the „staff restaurant“ and tries to ignore the newest creations of the student body of our faculty, which decorate the wall advertising the annual „medical party“ repeatedly in the most sexist way. Squeezing through white coats one enters the door and: Oh, once again a „thematic design“! During the Soccer World Cup the „staff restaurant“ looked like a sea of flags and flower necklaces in black-red-yellow hung everywhere. This time everything shines in blue-white squares and girls in Bavarian dresses smile from posters. Above our heads is a sign saying „Oktoberfest“ and some beer tables and ale-benches were exchanged with the usual tables to pretty up the look. I ask myself for whom. Weiterlesen